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Hi! I'm Sloan - Project Manager of Whislter-Blackcomb on UBC Rocket., teaching assistant at Synthesis, and Formula One fanatic. Currently, most of my day is spent on some sort of engineeing work...usually rocketry related. Some of my favourite past and current projects have been desiging the thrust structure for Whislter-Blackcomb, making an RC car body that uses the "ground effect" to increase downforce, and desiging an line program that designs a supersonic rocket nozzle based on a few basic parameters. All of these projects can be found below!

When I'm not building rockets, I am a mechnical engineering student at UBC hoping to specialize in aerospace engineering. In my free time I enjoy long-distance running, basketball, and listening to economics/global affairs podcasts (The All-In podcast and My First million are two of my favourite). Of course, I also try to squeeze in watching a F1 race when at all possible!
5 Facts
1. I am the project Manager of Whislter-Blackcomb - a rocket that is launching to 100km - the official edge of space!
2. I previously worked on the University of Toronto Aerospace Team for three years before joining UBC Rocket
3. I am a teaching assistant at Synthesis
4. I am a mechanical egineering student at the University of British Columbia
5. I like F1, running, and basketball



I have experience using mills, lathes, hand tools, welding (MIG/TIG), CNC, Waterjet, and 3D Printing.


I have 4 years of experience designing parts in solidworks. I am also comfortable using Solidworks FEA, and I have experience using Ansys Fluent for CFD


I have used web development languages (HTML, CSS, Javascript), python, Java, and C for various projects and classes.

Photoshop + UX/UI Design

I'm proficient with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, and XD for graphics and website designs.


I have experience teaching hundreds of students from 6/7 problem crticial thinking and problem solving skills.

Public Speaking

I have experience presenting technical keynotes and making business pitches to large and small groups.

Featured Content

Generating 3-D Printable Rocket Nozzles

I made a website that generates an 3-D printable .stl file for a supersonic rocket nozzle given a few basic parameters. It uses the approximate optimization approuch and the method of characteristics to generate a rocket nozzle in seconds.

Whistler-Blackcomb Spaceshot

I am currently the Project Manager for on UBC Rocket's Whistler-Blackcomb rocket. Whistler-Blackomb is a liquid, bipropellant, regentatively cooled rocket we plan on launching to 100km - the official edge of space! When completed, it will be one of the largest, most technologically advanced, and most powerful rockets ever designed by a university design team.

Feynman - Design Optimization

I am currently working on UBC Rocket's custom built rocket design optimization program. Orginally started by the founder of UBC Rocket, the program has been passed down through the years and been progressively improved. Currently, Feynman is able to run tens or hundreds of thousands of different rocket design parameters before optimizing for the design that best suits out needs.